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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Friday Follow # 12

Hey guys!!! Welcome to my blog!!

I promis I will follow you back and if you followed me last week I am still working on getting back to you all!!

Thanks for being patient!!!!

<3 Mavericks Mommy

Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday follow # 11

MckLinky Blog Hop

Happy friday follow!!

Thanks for stopping by check out my Etsy site while your at it!!

<3 Mavericks Mommy

Friday Follow

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My new necklace!

Hey guys!!

So I won a pearl necklace and I love it! Its very pretty and comes with a ribbon so you can wear it many ways! I wanted to share it with you guys so I put it on Maverick because you all would much rather see him, lets face it he is much cuter!!

Go to to check out the other necklaces they sell this one is the flirty white pearl necklace and was vauled at $25 I believe!!!

Have a great day!!

<3 Mavericks Mommy

My new Store!!

Hey guys!

Please stop by and check out my new store! Its a custom hat site! I have a small inventory right now but can do pretty much anything! I have diaper hats for the mommy to be, I have a wedding hat for the bride to be!, and I also have an over the hill hat with adult diapers!! Making this a very funny gift for that over the hill person in your life!!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Over the Hil hat!!!

Hey guys!!

Last post of the day I swear!! :) This is my 4th hat!! Its an over the hill hat which contains adult diapers and flushable wipes and more!! Check it out in my New Etsy store! theres a link on my side bar!!!

Hope you all enjoy!!

Have a great night!!

<3 Mavericks Mommy

Wedding Hat

I just made a new hat!! Its the perfect hat for a bride-to-be!! Stop by my etsy shop and check it out!!


<3 Mavericks Mommy

Diaper hat pic

Sorry I wanted to attach a pic but forgot!!